Saturday, May 2, 2020

2 Alarm Brush Fire - Coyote Pass Rd + 35th Ave, New River, AZ 85087

Working Two Alarm brush fire reported at North Coyote Pass Road + North 35th Avenue in New River, Arizona.

Units responding, staged, dispatched or on scene include: E36+ E48+ E49+ E55+ E56+ E122+ E131+ E141+ E142+ E145+ E146+ E156+ E195+ E304+ E929+ M142 C957N C919 C959 C1458 C1919 C958P RM50 BC4 BC6 BC141 BC152 BC192 BC301 CDC CRV DC4 WDC BR36 BR48 BR49 BR72 BR141 BR142 BR145 BR146 BR156 BR304 T36 T141 T145 T146 T195 T304 APS000 AZSL00 BLM000 C1019 CRVA CRVB CRVC CRVD DPS007 HD141 U10 U50 U307.

[Update] Crews are working a brushfire in the desert area east of I-17 north of New River Rd. Multiple agencies are responding to assist, according to Daisy Mountain Fire + Medical.