Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Garage Fire - 4100 N 58th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Garage fire reported in the 4100 block of North 58th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

Units responding include: E12 E13 E602 R13 L602 BC2 BC601.

[Update: 8:04 AM MST] Working fire. Additional units added include: SDC CRSUPV PHXP04 SRP000 SWG002 U29 U202(208)

[Update #2] Arson

IR Number: 201800001078428
Crime: Single Residence - Undetermined Ignition Source
Location Type: N/A
Date: 06/19/2018
Time: 7:52 AM
Public Address: 40XX N 58TH ST, PHOENIX, AZ 85018
Accuracy: Address