Monday, August 5, 2013

Check Bees - 18700 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Check bees call reported in the 18700 block of North 2nd Avenue in Phoenix, AZ.

Engine 35 (E35) is responding.

What to do if you are attacked:
  • Run as fast as you can away from the bees.
  • Do not swing your arms at them, as this may further annoy them.
  • Because bees target the head and eyes, cover your head as much as you can without slowing your escape.
  • Get to the shelter or closest home or car as quickly as possible. Don't worry if a few bees become trapped in your house. If several bees follow you into your vehicle, drive about a quarter of a mile and let the bees out.
Bee swarms with multiple stinging emergencies (victim involved): Call 9-1-1

Bee Removal:
Look for a company that will remove or exterminate bees under "Bee Removal Services" or "Pest Control Services."