Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1 Alarm Mulch Fire - 6200 W Dobbins Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85339

Mulch fire reported in the 6200 block of West Dobbins Rd in Phoenix, AZ.

1 Alarm mulch fire. Units responding and/or on scene include: E34, E57, E58, R57, PI3, L22, BC3, BC171, BR57, T58, RP0000 and U172.

[Update at 10:00 PM MST] Ash from the fire has made it to North Scottsdale. Reports of ash on outdoor patio furniture in the area of 110th Street & Shea Blvd.

[Update at 11:30 PM MST] 26 units responding, staged and/or still on scene. Battalion Chief 4 is command/incident commander.