Saturday, May 18, 2013

2 Alarm Mulch Fire - 3700 W Lower Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009

2 Alarm mulch fire reported in the 3700 block of West Lower Buckeye Rd in Phoenix, AZ.

Units responding, staged and/or on scene include: E1+ E3+ E4+ E6+ E10+ E14+ E21+ E22+ E24+ E34+ E39+ E58+ R21 R22 R57 R918(3) C7 C22 C959 C1928 C957N PI3 RM50 SQ8+ L1 L4 L9 L22 L24 L26 BC1 BC2 BC3 BC4 BC5 BC8 BC151 NDC SDC FI12 FI14 FI20 APS000 CR1 CR2 CR25 PHXP05 RH2 U10 and U29.