Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hay Fire at 38400 W Cowtown Rd

Structure Fire at 3800 N 30th Street

Dumpster Fire at 700 W Brown St

Apartment Fire at 900 West Grove Parkway

Transformer Fire at 7000 E Marilyn Road

Structure Fire at 2600 E Indian School Rd

Dumpster Fire at 8100 W Lamar Rd

Structure Fire at 1200 W Gary Street

Vehicle Fire at 3800 S 79th Avenue

Dumpster Fire at 8600 N 7th Street

Friday, September 21, 2012

House Fire at 300 N 20th Drive

Ill Person (Heat) at 10900 N Perryville Rd

Stuck Elevator at 1900 E Camelback Rd

Vehicle Fire at Kyrene Rd & Guadalupe Rd

Vehicle Fire at 12th St & Maryland Ave

Air Conditioner Fire at 4800 S Darrow Drive

Brush Fire at Interstate 17 & New River Rd

Apartment Fire at 5400 W Indian School Rd

Vehicle Fire at 42nd St & Winslow Ave

Fire at 1200 W 8th Street

Fire at 700 E Rodeo Road

Debris Fire at 500 E Pima St

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vehicle Fire at 13200 N 21st Place

Dumpster Fire at 6700 N 45th Ave

Structure Fire at 200 E Western Ave

Ill Person (Heat) at 3700 E Bell Rd

Ill Person (Heat) at North Valley Parkway & Dixileta Dr

Shed Fire at 59th Ave & Highland Ave

Brush Fire at New River Shore & Union Hills Dr

Dumpster Fire at 4100 S Mill Ave

Grass Fire at 5700 E Doubletree Ranch Rd

House Fire at 2500 N Hartford St

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apartment Fire at 1700 N Palo Verde Drive

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at 34000 N 27th Drive

Debris Fire at Camelback Rd & 95th Ave

Dumpster Fire at 1700 E Broadway Rd

Illegal Burning at Saguaro Park Lane & 61st Ave

Dumpster Fire at 7000 W Indian School Rd

Dumpster Fire at 4300 E Cactus Rd

Vehicle Fire at 59th Ave & Sweetwater Ave

Hazardous Situation at Rural Rd & University Dr

Medical Response at 24th St & Indian School Rd

Vehicle Fire at 4300 W McDowell Rd

Vehicle Fire at 9000 N 91st Ave

Dumpster Fire at Grand Ave & Bell Rd

Grass Fire at Olive Ave & Dysart Rd

Stove Fire at 6900 W Olive Ave

Odor at 8400 W Cinnabar Ave

House Fire at 300 N 20th Ave

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Structure Fire at 1200 N Country Club Dr

House Fire at 6000 W Cheery Lynn Rd

House Fire at 10200 N 44th St

Apartment Fire at 4000 N 44th Ave

Dumpster Fire at 17th Ave & Purdue Ave

Apartment Fire at 6700 N 59th Dr

House Fire at 700 W Chilton St

Structure Fire at 4100 E Jasper Dr

Air Conditioning Fire at 0 S Hearthstone Way

Transformer Fire at 900 S 4th Ave

Stove Fire at 20800 N Cave Creek Rd

Tree Fire at Van Buren St & 21st Ave

House Fire at 2200 N 62nd Dr

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smoke In Area at 2000 E Campbell Ave

Accident Involving Bicycle at Rural Rd & Terrace Rd

Odor at 1600 W Garfield St

Stuck Elevator at 3300 W Camelback Rd

Unknown Fire at 6800 N Hillside Dr

Air Conditioner Fire at 8900 W Palo Verde Ave

Brush Fire at Old US Highway 80 at MP 10

Stuck Elevator at 11000 N 28th Dr

Air Conditioner Fire at 800 W 2nd St

Debris Fire at 19300 S Tuthill Rd

Apartment Fire at 3600 N 3rd Ave

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Illegal Burning at 4300 W Solano Dr

Debris Fire at 16200 N 7th St

Debris Fire at 11000 N Biltmore Dr

Hazardous Situation at 900 E Guadalupe Rd

Check Hazard at 200 N Apache Rd

Apartment Fire at 7000 W Indian School Rd

Unknown Fire at 59th Ave & Glendale Ave

Structure Fire at 400 W Broadway Rd

Ill Person (Heat) at 28000 N 35th Avenue

Mountain Rescue at 3300 E Kachina Dr

Smoke In Area at 600 E Missouri Ave

Friday, September 7, 2012

Appliance Fire at 4200 N 27th Ave

Fuel Spill at 15600 W Bell Rd

Trash Fire at Myrtle Ave & 53rd Ave

House Fire at 18600 N 4th Ave

Water Rescue at W Riggs Rd & 155th Ave

Stuck Elevator at 3900 W Baseline Rd

Vehicle Fire at 16200 N Tatum Blvd

Attic Fire at 3700 W Moreland St

Vehicle Fire at 5100 N 28th Dr

Transformer Fire at Camelback Rd & Royal Palm Circle

House Fire at 10400 N 106th Ave

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vehicle Fire at 61st Ave & Lamar Rd

Vehicle Fire at Lake Pleasant Pkwy & Carefree Hwy

Dumpster Fire at 1900 W Las Palmaritas Dr

Debris Fire at Buckeye Rd + 59th Ave

Accident Involving Pedestrian at Baseline Rd & Kyrene Rd

Transformer Fire at 4100 E Mitchell Drive

Accident Involving Bicycle at 11800 W Thompson Ranch Rd

Transformer Fire at 4000 E Whitton Ave

Ill Person (Heat) at 1200 W Camelback Rd

Stuck Elevator at 1400 W 14th St

Structure Fire at 7700 W Thunderbird Rd

Accident Involving Pedestrian at N Grand Ave & N 107th Ave

Medical Response at W Thunderbird Rd & N 91st Ave

Water Rescue at 400 N Mill Ave

Illegal Burning at Vineyard Rd & 44th Pl

Ill Person (Heat) at 600 N 48th St

Structure Fire at 2000 E Clarendon Ave

Accident Involving Bike at 5600 E McDowell Rd

Accident Involving Pedestrian at 4600 S Central Ave

Ill Person (Heat) at Arizona Biltmore Circle & 24th St

Fire at 9000 W Monroe St

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Structure Fire at 700 W Main Street

House Fire at 17600 W Lotten Dr

Vehicle Fire at Cactus Rd & Tatum Blvd

House Fire at 4200 E Darrow St

Fire at 3300 W St Catherine Ave

House Fire at 5300 N Questa Tierra Dr

Ill Person (Heat) at 11600 W Glendale Ave

House Fire at 6400 W Myrtle Ave

Accident Involving Pedestrian at 4400 W Northern Ave

Dumpster Fire at 6300 N 63rd Ave

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Air Conditioner Fire at 10400 W Miami Street

Vehicle Fire at 4800 N 81st Drive

Dumpster Fire at 4000 S 44th Way

Tree Fire at 2400 E Flower Street

1 Alarm House Fire at 1500 E Laredo Street

Mountain Rescue at 5700 N Echo Canyon Parkway

Dumpster Fire at 4200 W McDowell Rd

Debris Fire at Lower Buckeye Rd & 35th Ave

Alert Two at 1700 S Litchfield Road

House Fire at 56th St & Lafayette Blvd

Natural Gas Leak at 2300 N 9th St

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dumpster Fire at 1900 W Chandler Blvd

Vehicle Fire with Exposure at 8900 W Christa Way

BBQ Out of Control at 11900 W Washington St

Ill Person (Heat) at 400 S Pima

Dumpster Fire at 3200 W Bell Rd

Leaking Rail Car at 12900 W Thunderbird Rd

Ill Person (Heat) at 7100 W Beardsley Rd

Tree Fire at Pecos Rd & Windstream Place

Oven Fire at 2900 E Atlanta Ave

Mountain Rescue at 5700 N Echo Canyon Parkway

Dumpster Fire at 7800 N 44th Drive

Apartment Fire at 3400 S Rural Road

Fire at 16100 W Maricopa St

House Fire at 100 N 109th Ave

Apartment Fire at 4100 W Glendale Ave

Apartment Fire at 3600 W Tierra Buena Lane

Stuck Elevator at 1700 E Highland Ave

House Fire at 2000 E Pebble Beach Dr

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vehicle Fire at 16700 N 83rd Ave

Ill Person (Heat) at 6300 E Greenway Rd

Transformer Fire at 4500 W Puget Ave

Alley Fire at 4400 N 63rd Dr

House Fire at 4000 W Purdue Ave

Debris Fire at 400 E Venado Dr

Tree Fire at 1300 E Julie Dr

Ill Person (Heat) at 5100 N 7th Street

Debris Fire at 6200 S 30th Drive

Natural Gas Leak at 15400 W Piccadilly Road

Dumpster Fire at 3100 N 7th Ave

Saturday, September 1, 2012

House Fire at 2200 E Broadmor Drive

Accident Involving Pedestrian at N 37th Ave & W Camelback Road

House Fire at 20000 N 33rd Street

Ill Person (Heat) at 1200 S 7th St

Ill Person (Heat) at Roosevelt St & 11th Street

Ill Person (Heat) at 700 North Desert Breeze Blvd E

Ill Person (Heat) at 5800 W Thomas Rd

Vehicle Fire at N 18th St & E Hamel Way

Structure Fire at 8200 N 23rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021